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West Bridgford Dramatic Society announce Bluebird by Simon Stephens

West Bridgford Dramatic Society continue their successful programme of socially distanced drama. Bringing you local theatre into your home.
Bluebird by Simon Stephens.

Bluebird follows Jimmy, a mini cab driver, over the course of one night in London, exploring the city’s roads and the lives that dwell around them. Jimmy listens as his ‘fares’ tell their individual stories in the back of his Nissan.

He hears from a father mourning the murder of his daughter, a bouncer’s memory of a violent night at his club, a disillusioned engineer of London’s underground, as well as Jimmy’s estranged wife Claire. Because as it turns out, Jimmy’s own is the darkest story of all….

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Simon Stephens adapted the amazing Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night for the stage.
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23rd June 7.30pm

24th June 7.30pm
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Go to ticket source via our TICKETS page or the link here

You can now book tickets for our next radio play. Tickets are free and for a specific day only.

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When you book you will get an email confirmation from Ticket Source.

24 hours before the show, you will get an email from WBDS with a link to the show on YouTube.

Login to the show at 7.30pm.

• If you arrive early you may need to refresh the page.
• If you arrive late or miss the start, you can scroll back to the beginning to catch the whole thing. But you have to finish listening by the end of the day – the link will not work on the following day.

Tickets are free. You will receive a link 24 hours before the performance.

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