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Party of over 50 people in a marquee in Nottingham leaves organiser with a £10,000 fine

The organiser of a 30th birthday party has been hit with the maximum fine for hosting an illegal gathering in a private marquee after more than 50 people attended.

Nottinghamshire Police was called following reports that a party was taking place and that around 50 people had gathered at a property in St Emmanuel View, Bestwood, at around 8.30pm on Friday (23 April 2021).

When officers arrived, they found a marquee set up at the back of the property and a large gathering was taking place inside.

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Officers handed the organiser of the party a £10,000 fine.

Assistant Chief Constable Gerard Milano said: “We have no wish to break up people’s fun but the rules are really clear and they are there to protect us all, and where there are clear and deliberate breaches of the regulations, like in this case, we have no choice but to take action.

“We will continue to respond to reports like this and act accordingly, and we will continue to engage, explain, encourage and, when necessary, take action as we move forward with the government’s roadmap.

“The majority of people have been following the rules and as a result we have seen the number of positive cases of Covid in our area dramatically drop. The role out of the vaccine is also helping to stop the virus and now some of the lockdown restrictions have been eased, but we are most certainly not out of the woods yet. The only way we will be able to deal with this, avoid another lockdown and ensure that progress is irreversible, is to stick to the rules.


“The number of Covid cases in Nottinghamshire is in line with the national average, and we want this to continue to fall in order to protect the NHS and to ensure lives are saved.

“Like we have said many times before the vast majority of residents here have responded brilliantly to the pandemic and followed the rules, and my ask is that we all continue to do this as we go forward.”


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