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Nottinghamshire man jailed for 30 years after multiple rapes of teenage girl

A convicted paedophile who controlled and raped a teenage girl multiple times, including on his wedding night, has been locked up for 30 years.

The court heard of the historic abuse a girl suffered at the hands of Jason Guzikowski, which started when she was just 13 years old and who preyed on her vulnerability. The first rape happened in 1997 and throughout the next two years, multiple rapes followed.

Contact stopped when the victim was 15, and both moved to different areas of the country. But by 2012, Guzikowski was back in contact with the victim and he continued his abuse.

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The trail of historic abuse was reported to Nottinghamshire Police in 2019, and today (Wednesday 28 April 2021), 51-year-old Guzikowski,  of Vale Road, Mansfield Woodhouse, was handed a 30-year sentence at Nottingham Crown Court after being found guilty of eight counts of rape.

Guzikowski had previously served a four-and-a-half year sentence for sexual offences committed against children and adults.

Detective Chief Inspector Clare Dean, of Nottinghamshire Police’s Public Protection team, said: “Guzikowski is a dangerous sexual predator. Thirty years absolutely reflects the gravity of his offending and the impact it has had on the victim.  He will remain on the Sex Offenders register indefinitely.

“The manipulation and abuse this victim suffered at the hands of Guzikowski is absolutely unthinkable and we want to commend her for the huge amount of courage she had coming forward and disclosing what Guzikowski had done to her.

“This was a complex case and in particular DC Kirsty Ford, who investigated the case, did an incredible job of securing a successful conviction.

“We understand the impact this kind of abuse has on victims, particularly when this has happened at such a young age. The effects are profound and we are committed to investigating any such reports thoroughly and bringing those responsible to justice.

“We also understand how difficult it can be for those who have suffered such abuse to come forward, but encourage them to do so. We always treat such reports extremely sensitively.”

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